December 18, 2014

Queer Speculations Conference at UMD featuring Shante Paradigm Smalls

The University of Maryland is hosting a conference in Queer Studies on April 17, 2015, which features a plenary session by the St. John's English Department's Dr. Shante Paradigm Smalls. The deadline for the CFP is Jan 16, 2015. Please submit your work and go to this great conference! Here is the CFP: CFP_Queer_Speculations_2015 … [Read More...]

2014-11-18 18.01.18

Images from Third Tuesday Symposium, 11/18/25

These pictures, courtesy of my new phone, convey on a little bit of the excitement and intellectual flair of this great event, which was organized entirely by grad students in the program. First we had a panel featuring the work of Dr. Scott Combs and Dr. Elda Tsou, two recently tenured Associate Professors who described the challenges and pleasures of writing their first books. Almost-ABD student Anwar Uhuru also joined this … [Read More...]

UDAF Applications due Fri 11/21

A reminder to all dissertation-writing graduate students: the application form for the UDAF fellowship, which pays for two semesters of the 975 Doctoral Research seminar, is due to the department by Friday 11/25. We commit to funding two semesters of this workshop for all our DA students, but not getting your application on time puts that support at risk. You should have received the form from Lana recently; contact her … [Read More...]

Bookmarks for Lee Ann Brown tomorrow!

One of our favorite poetry professors interviewed by one of our favorite fiction writers comes to St. John's tomorrow! From 12;15 - 1:140, Gabriel Brownstein will discuss Lee Ann Brown's most recent books, including Far from the Centers of Ambition, In the Laurels, Caught, and Crowns of Charlotte. Here's the flyer: Lee Ann Brown's Bookmarks Hope to see you there. Refreshments provided! … [Read More...]

Drs. Denny and Geller receiving their award

SJU Faculty Article Wins ICWA Award!

Two members of the English Department, Dr. Anne Geller and Dr. Harry Denny, have recently had their co-written article, "Of Ladybugs, Low Status, and Loving the Job: Writing Center Professionals Navigating their Careers," win the 2014 International Writing Centers Association award. The article, which appeared in The Writing Center Journal 33:1 (2013), examines the career paths, professional identities, and subjective experiences of … [Read More...]