July 30, 2014


Nathalie Virgintino’s entry in the Peer Writing Tutor Alumni Research Project

DA student Nathalie Virgintino has recently published an entry in a research blog sponsored by the University of Wisconsin. Her blog post is here. Here's a little snippet out of the writing. Follow the link and read more!   As a doctoral fellow interested in writing studies, this past semester (Spring 2014), I took a graduate seminar titled Critical Issues in the Teaching of Writing: Histories, Theories and Practices of … [Read More...]

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Angela Hooks wins Grant from Episcopal Church

Angela Hooks, doctoral student in English, recently received a $2000 grant to support her research project "Private Writing Shapes Voices for Public Discourse" in the African American Episcopal Historical Collection  in the Bishop Payne Library of the Virginia Theological Seminary. The grant is generously funded by the Historical Society of the Episcopal Church, and to be used to reimburse actual cost for transportation, meals, … [Read More...]

May 12, 2014

Doctoral Hooding

St. John's University is very proud of its six -- six! -- new Doctors of Arts in English, who received their hoods from their mentors at the St. Thomas More Chapel yesterday evening. In the front row, from left to right, the new Doctors: Stephen Burby, Mary Ellen Minogue, Hannah Mangione, Elise Denbo, Josh Pangborn, and Jessica Williams. In back, from left to right, their mentors: Jennifer Travis, G. Ganter, Amy King, Steve Mentz, … [Read More...]

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DA Student Laura Lisabeth contributes to Open-Review Book on Web Writing

D.A. Candidate Laura Lisabeth has been participating in an open-review web book published by Trinity College (CT).  The book, entitled Web Writing: Why and How for Liberal Arts Teaching, is also scheduled for traditional text publishing by The University of Michigan Press. Laura’s essay in the book is “Empowering Education with Social Annotation and Wikis.” The open review process, a new direction in academic publishing, … [Read More...]

Graduate Forms

This link takes you to all the forms needed for MA and DA students at different times in their progress to the degree. Here is the text listing the available forms:   Download the appropriate forms for your program and complete by "filling in the blanks" electronically, and print the completed forms directly from your computer. Graduate General Forms Application for Extending Deadline for Incomplete … [Read More...]