Anwar Uhuru




Anwar Uhuru

M.A. in English Literature from Marygrove College, Detroit, Michigan.

Ed.M. Philosophy and Anthropology from Teachers College, Columbia University.



Anwar Uhuru is a Ph.D. candidate in the English department at St. John’s University. He is interested in 18th Century Trans-Atlantic Literature and Culture, Black Atlantic Studies, Decoloniality, Philosophy of Race, Gender and Sexuality Epistemologies, and Indigenous/Diasporic Discourse. His dissertation: Saltwater Intimacies: Decolonizing 18th Century Epistemologies is under the direction of Melissa Mowry and Elda Tsou. His project focuses on race and empire in the 18th century Anglophone Trans-Atlantic through readings of literary texts that interpolate racial formations.

Anwar has written essays for The Feminist Wire and Lehigh Valley Vanguard and his poetry appears in the anthology Black Gay Genius: Answering Joseph Beam’s Call.

Currently he teaches Africana Folklore and Africana Philosophy and Religion at New York City College of Technology/CUNY.