D. M. Bianco-Bacigalupo


Danielle M. Bianco-Bacigalupo

B.A. in English, St. John’s University

M.S. Ed. in Secondary Education English, CUNY College of Staten Island

M.A. in English, CUNY College of Staten Island



Research Interests: recovery literacies, community literacies, literacy studies, ethnography, rhetoric, writing across the curriculum, writing in the disciplines, composition pedagogy, cultural studies, writing program administration, student and faculty writers, writing centers, writing studies, critical studies, composition, composition theory, memoir writing, non-fiction essay writing, digital humanities, women and gender studies, queer theory, literature in a global context, world literature, women’s literature, translingualism, dystopian literature, modernism, post-modernism, academic scholarship

Currently, Danielle is a doctoral candidate at St. John’s University, who just finished her fellowship and coursework this past Spring. Within the parameters of her fellowship, Danielle has been a lecturing professor for Literature in a Global Context to undergraduates, as well as the photographer/editor of the English Department blog. Danielle is now an adjunct professor the First-Year Writing Program for the English Department at CUNY College of Staten Island and for Literature in a Global Context at St. John’s University. In the past, Danielle has taught middle school and other introductory college courses. Beginning this summer, Danielle will be preparing for COMPs, with the expectation to further develop her research in areas of social justice, pedagogy activism, and recovery literacies.

For CCCC’s 2017 National Conference on College Composition and Communication Convention, Danielle with fellow SJU PhD peers, Raquel Corona and Carolyn Salazar traveled to Portland, Oregon to present a panel on “Socially Just Pedagogy for the College English Classroom”. To allow for a balance of literature and composition in her classroom, Danielle discussed how she continues to strive toward incorporating both literature and writing disciplines together on a common ground, where access to composition becomes localized in the literature classroom and a writing community develops – where literature and writing are not subject to being studied separately as part of an institutional vogue.

At NeMLA 2017, Danielle hosted a workshop with Raquel Corona, at NeMLA – “Integrating Socially Just Assessment Practices in the Contemporary College English Classroom”. Within this workshop, Danielle and Raquel led a seminar for instructors to consider the implementation of best practices and quality teaching in writing classrooms. Through the lens of literature and composition, Danielle and Raquel presented participants with pedagogical tools to use in order to create holistic classroom ecologies and remove racism in writing assessments to allow for equality.

Danielle may be reached at: danielle.bacigalupo@gmail.com

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