Dr. Angela Belli

Dr. Angela Belli


B.A., Brooklyn College

M.A., University of Connecticut

Ph.D., New York University

Research Focus: Modern Comparative Drama; Literature and Medicine

Angela Belli teaches undergraduate courses in Modern Drama and Cultural Studies. Her research is centered on comparative and interdisciplinary approaches to the study of literature. Her first book Ancient Greek Myths and Modern Drama: A Study in Continuity (New York University Press) explored the influence of Greek mythology upon the modern theater. Her most recent work studies the interrelations of literature and medicine. She has co-edited two collections of poems written by physicians, Blood and Bone: Poems by Physicians and Primary Care: More Poems by Physicians (University of Iowa Press). She has just completed a critical anthology of plays exploring the connection between the contemporary theater and modern medicine. She lectures frequently to medical faculty and to medical students as well as to literary scholars. Most recently she lectured at the National Library of Medicine, NIH, on “The Art of Medicine on Stage: An Historical Perspective.”