Faculty Scholarly Specializations

Graduate Faculty Scholarly Specializations & Secondary Fields for purposes of

M.A. Thesis, Comprehensive Exams, and Dissertation Advising


The following information should help Masters and Doctoral candidates to determine which faculty members they might want to work with in developing their M.A. thesis, comprehensive exam habitus and dissertation.


Dr. Dohra Ahmad

Primary Fields:  World anglophone literature, vernacular literature

Secondary: ethnic American literature, utopian fiction, pedagogy, young-adult literature, dystopian fiction, migration, African-American literature, South-Asian literature

Dr. Steven Alvarez

Primary Fields: Composition and Rhetoric, literacy studies, writing studies, pedagogy, migration studies, bi-lingual studies

Secondary: Latin-American literature, creative writing, Latino/a literature, visual rhetoric, digital composing

Professor Lee Ann Brown

Primary Field:  Poetry writing

Secondary:  small-press publishing, film studies, eco-poetics, contemporary Afro-American poetry, southern literature, performance studies & practice

Professor Gabe Brownstein

Primary Field:  Fiction writing (short story and novel); non-fiction writing

Secondary:  contemporary literature, interactions between creative & theoretical writing, literature and medicine

Dr. Raj Chetty

Primary Fields: Caribbean Literature, black diaspora studies/Black Studies, post-colonial studies, world/comparative literatures, transnational studies

Secondary: Performance/Theater, ethnic studies, sport studies, comparative rhetorics, humor, Atlantic studies, U.S. ethnic/transnational studies

Dr. Scott Combs

Primary Fields:  Film studies, history of film, theory of film, death/dying & modern medicine

Secondary: visual studies, performance studies; representations of class, race, & whiteness,


Dr. Robert Fanuzzi

Primary Fields: 18th and 19th c. American Literature, African-American Literature


Dr. Granville Ganter

Primary Fields: early-American studies (pre-1900), Rhetoric, Native American literature

Secondary:  melodrama, Beat/Bohemian literature, new journalism, American literature

Dr. Anne Geller

Primary fields: student and faculty writers, writing across the curriculum, qualitative research, writing centers, authorship, learning and teaching


Dr. Rachel Hollander

Primary Fields:  19th-Century British Literature, British Modernism, Virginia Woolf, post-structuralist theory, feminist theory, ethics

Secondary:  Novel theory, women writers, post-colonial literature, post-colonial theory, some modern drama (especially Beckett and Brecht), gender & queer theory

Dr. Amy King

Primary Fields: Victorian literature, long-19th c. British literature, history of science and literature, novel studies

Secondary: narrative theory, theory of the novel, television/televisual narrative, film adaptations, history of the novel (18th – 20th c.), literature and medicine

Brian Lockey

Primary Fields:  Early Modern Literature, Shakespeare, Restoration, medieval literature, history of colonialism and imperialism, law and literature, religion and nation, transnationalism and cosmopolitanism

Secondary: critical theory, comparative literature (Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, classical studies, Latin), American modernism, contemporary novel

Dr. John Lowney

Primary Fields:  American modernism, modern and post-modern American literature, American poetry, African-American literature



Dr. Kathleen Lubey  

Primary Fields: 18th-Century Studies, history of sexuality, feminist/Queer theory, novel Studies, history of the Book

Secondary:  Black Atlantic, history of Reading, media History, Coetzee, poetics, manuscript-composition studies


Dr. Gregory Maertz

Primary Fields:  Romanticism, Victorian literature; the novel, poetry, theory

Secondary:  19th & 20th c. visual culture, art and politics, fascism and propaganda


Dr. Steve Mentz

Primary Fields:  Renaissance literature & Shakespeare, eco-criticism/environmental literature and theory

Secondary: maritime studies, poetics, media history, performance theory


Dr. Stephen Paul Miller

Primary Fields:  Poetry writing, American studies, cultural studies, contemporary poetry

Secondary: contemporary literature, modern poetry, popular culture, film, art and art history, human rights studies


Dr. Melissa Mowry

Primary Fields: 17th & 18th Century British literature, British Atlantic prose & drama

Secondary: politics and literature, archival studies, manuscript studies, feminism, cultural theory, dissident studies, literature and history, theories of literary history


Dr. Derek Owens

Primary fields: Composition studies, first-year writing, writing-program administration, writing centers

Secondary: experimental writing, multi-media, interdisciplinarity

Dr. Nicole Rice

Primary Fields:  Medieval English literature, medieval drama, devotional culture, material culture and book history, religious studies, gender studies, institutional literary culture

Secondary:  Early-Modern literature and culture, early modern history, drama


Dr. LaToya Sawyer

Primary Fields: Contemporary rhetorical theory, digital rhetoric and methods, Composition and Writing Studies, African American and Caribbean rhetorics, feminist rhetorics, feminist theory and praxis, Africana Studies


Secondary: New literacy studies, African American literacies, performance studies, discourse analysis, digital humanities, and digital methods and methodologies


Dr. Steven Sicari

Primary field:  Modernism, religion and literature

Secondary: history of the novel (18th & 19th c. novel), writing-center studies


Dr. Shanté Smalls

Primary Fields:  Black studies (transnational US, Europe, Continental African), sound and music studies, media studies, gender and sexuality, performance studies, Afro-futurism

Secondary: Afro-pessimism, continental philosophy, psychoanalysis, the Black Pacific, speculative/science fictions studies

Dr. Jennifer Travis

Primary Fields:  American literature, gender studies, digital humanities, cultural studies

Secondary:  Digital pedagogy, law and literature, digital writing, new media studies, disaster studies, environmental humanities, risk studies.


Dr. Elda Tsou

Primary fields:  Asian-American literature, Asian-American studies

Secondary:  literary theory, theories of race, ethnic-American literature, whiteness studies, ethnic studies, literary form, post-colonial theory