Doctoral Dissertation Handbook

Here is a summary of the important changes:

·         Almost all of our SJC dissertations are sent to ProQuest and available for downloading as a PDF.  We decided to include examples of dissertations, by discipline, for our students to download and use as a template.  Many of us know how to convert a PDF back to a WORD document and for the student they now have access to a correctly formatted thesis template that was accepted by the Library and this seems to be where our students are having problems.

·         Please note that the Library does not copy edit.  Once upon a time, students could hire the services of a copy editor at SJU, but this is no longer the case.  I think many mentors have forgotten this detail and assume the students have access to a copy editing service.  We can discuss possible alternatives at a future chairs meeting.

·         We included hyperlinks to the correct forms in the sequence a student is required to complete the forms.  It seems students are unclear when to submit which forms.  We eliminated any redundant forms.  One important form we do not seem to get prior to the scheduling of a defense is the Professor’s Report to the Dean on Reader’s Copy; we need to know whether the student will be permitted to schedule a defense.

We will replace the long list of individual dissertation forms on the School Form page with this one document which we believe will be clearer to the student.
Please share with your program directors, who should feel free to distribute to students and/or add any additional program specific tweaks.

Doctoral Dissertation Handbook:

For additional questions, Contact:

Laura Schramm, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Graduate Division
St. John’s College of Arts and Sciences
St. John’s University