Lisa M. Robinson


Lisa M. Robinson

B.A. in English, Arcadia University

M.A. in Performance Studies, New York University





Lisa is a Doctoral student at St. John’s University, and an Adjunct Professor currently teaching ENG1100C, Literature in a Global Context.  Her current dissertation plans on a Posthuman Queer Ecocritical reading of several of Shakespeare’s tragedies.  Within the intersections of gender and race in the Early Modern period, the human body exists on a spectrum with the natural environment.  These bodies shift and morph once they exit the societal standards of performativity.  Death allows for the only productive consummation within each text, where the landscape flourishes with bodily interaction.

Lisa has presented papers exploring these avenues at the 2016 ASTR conference, “Unsex Me Here”: Circulatory Gender Fluidity in Shakespearean Performance; the 2017 NeMLA conference, Gender and Pastoralism: The Early Modern Body of Pleasure; and the 2017 St. John’s University Conference, Posthuman Queer Pastoralism: Lear and Cordelia’s Sustained Love on and in the Heath.

Her Masters in Performance Studies at NYU Tisch focused on the big budget Broadway musical, and how technological advancements in theatre control emotional responses and disallow inherent audience connections.​