Melissa Rampelli

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Melissa Rampelli

B.A. in English Literature, Skidmore College

M.A.T. in English Education, Brown University

M.A. in English Literature, St. John’s University

Melissa is a Ph.D. candidate in the English department at St. John’s University. She currently teaches British Literature at St. John’s and Fiction and Writing summer courses at Skidmore College.

Her research interests include nineteenth-century British literature and culture, the novel, realism, feminism, philosophy of the mind, and the history of medicine. Her dissertation, The Form of Fits: Proto-Feminism in the British Realist Novel, 1798-1887 is under the direction of Amy M. King, Rachel Hollander, and Kathleen Lubey and rereads the hysteria archive to propose a new novel aesthetics and proto-feminist politics in novels by Jane Austen, Charles Dickens, George Eliot, and Thomas Hardy.