Patrick M. Zwosta



Patrick M. Zwosta

B.A. in English, Siena College

M.A. in English, St. John’s University

Ph.D. in English, St. John’s University (In Progress)




Patrick Zwosta is a second year doctoral student working towards his Ph.D. in English at St. John’s University. He is an avid film fan who also writes scripts and short stories in his spare time. His tentative dissertation topic is the blockbuster film and its impact on the lives of those who consume these films. His culminating project for his Master’s program was a portfolio project which included papers on surrogacy in Dicken’s Bleak House; the authenticity of representations of Lincoln in the media; and the performativity of blackface in popular culture, specifically focusing on vaudevillian Bert Williams.

Zwosta also recently began teaching English 1100c. His Fall 2015 class was very successful even despite it being a 730 am class. His unique teaching style blends traditional emphasis on close reading and analysis with newer pedagogical strategies such as treating films as literary texts and allowing students to realize that they engage with issues dealt with in world literature every day whether they realize it or not. He anticipates this approach continuing to work well in his Spring 2016 class and beyond!