Justine Wilson

I am an all-around nerd. I’m in love with The Legend of Zelda, I’m a collector of Batman and an avid watcher of animation, Eastern and Western alike. In my research, I examine the intersections of folklore, mythology, and children’s media. Cartoons, comics, and video games have replaced the oral tradition and given birth to new myths. In my work, I do more than try to legitimize the study of these non-traditional texts by connecting them to ancient or pre-existing works. I also a critical eye to these contemporary mediums of storytelling in order to identify their academic values within their own individual contexts.

I’m currently obsessing over the heavy presence of trauma in the Superhero Comic. In this examination, I’m attempting to piece together the overall commentary that these graphic novels (especially the Batman series) are making concerning mental illness and the effectiveness, for better or worse of the treatment of mental illness. I invite everyone to embrace whatever any of their obsessive hobbies and try to take a deeper look. There’s no shame in being a nerd, a nerd is just someone who is as social as possible, and that’s everyone.