Sara Marron



Sara Marron

B.A. in English

St. John’s University magna cum laude

St. John’s University Honors Program


Hailing from Virginia, by way of California, and Pennsylvania, Sara has called New York home for six years while studying at St. John’s. She earned her Bachelors in English May 2015 from St. John’s, and is a Masters candidate for 2016 in the English program. As an undergraduate, she was News Editor for The Torch, and tutored at the University Writing Center. During her graduate work, she has focused primarily on sound poetics in romanticism, feminism, and modernism. Her poetry has appeared in Digital Papercut, Dark Matter, The Chagrin River Review, and Sequoya. Throughout her degree studies she held various jobs and has been working full-time for a renewable energy company in Westchester County called Green Mountain Energy. The mission based organization led her to discover a passion for the integration of practice, theory, and application that follows legal studies. She also really loves being paid to give people jobs and talk to them about renewable energy.

Post-graduation, Sara has plans to apply for law schools in the New York and Washington D.C. areas. She will be following that path and applying for J.D. programs in the fall. In her free time, she enjoys paddle boarding, going to the beach, swimming, playing chess, and exploring the depths of Lower Manhattan. She is also currently working on several poetry collections and has aspirations to write a novel, and will always just write.