2/17/16 – “On the Art of Seeing Sideways: Visual Artifacts, Visual Images and Visual Imagining Across the Curriculum,” Part II

The Program of Museum Administration has decided to open up the February 17th, 2016 panel to graduate student participants, which will be held 12:15 to 1:40 in Library room B -3.

Students are invited to select one image that they may use in teaching and research – and to make a one minute “lightning” presentation about it. Then the panel will engage in group discussion about visual artifacts, visual literacy, visual imagining across the curriculum

The Program’s Fall event, using this format, was a lot of fun — and very stimulating!  Director Susan Rosenberg invites those who participated in the Fall in the event they wish to present again — or to attend on February 17th.

I hope you can let me know whether you will be able to join — and if so send me your image so that I can make a powerpoint.

Please contact Dr. Rosenberg or Amy Gansell with any questions, or interests in joining.  Availability at earliest convenience would be preferred (especially e-mails with images/artifacts in order to be included for the powerpoint).
Susan Rosenberg, Ph.D.
Director, M.A. Program in Museum Administration
Associate Professor, History of Art


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