Chanukah & Poetry at STJ

On Tuesday, December 1st, Dr. Stephen Paul Miller, Professor Adeena Karasick, and Professor Abriana Jetté celebrated the coming of Chanukah and the winter season through the art of poetry, by reading at St. John’s University’s Staten Island Campus.



Professor Jetté performed the duties of MC for the afternoon, welcoming many students to their first-ever poetry reading.  Prof. Jetté read work from her current manuscript as well as brand new work before opening the floor to the enigmatic Dr. Miller.







Dr. Miller wisely reminded the audience that Chanukah, the festival of lights, has a lot in common with the current conversation on sustainable fuel, bringing the past directly into the present.  Dr. Miller read from his latest collection Lies Through Love, from his new work, and from his previous award-winning books.







Professor Karasick stunned the audience with her performance-poetry, captivating everyone with a reading that danced along the boundaries of song and word. Professor Karasick also treated listeners to her new work, inspired by Salomé’s love for St. John the Baptist.






Those who attended were treated to Latkes with sour-cream or apple-sauce,

as well as fresh baked cookies and apple-cider.


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