4/1/17 – SJU English Conference Short Form Program

Activism & Humanities

Graduate Student Conference

Saturday, April 1st


Attached and pasted below is the short form program for tomorrow’s graduate English conference.

We will have coffee & doughnut refreshments at 8:30, and a sandwich lunch at 11:30, both at B70 St. Alberts

Hope to see you there!


8:30-9:00AM      B70 St. Albert’s Hall : Coffee, Tea, & Donuts


9:00AM to 10:00AM – Plenary Roundtable Session: B70 St Albert’s Hall

Teaching and Being a Teacher / Social Activist in the Trump Era

Regina Corallo, Katelynn Deluca, Regina Duthely, and Anwar Uhuru


10:15AM to 11:30AM

DAC 207: Storytelling as Activist Work Inside and Outside the Classroom

Raquel Corona, Danielle Bacigalupo, Sarah Coluccio, Michael Reich


DAC 310: Literary Feminism and Agency

Molly Mann, Antonio Fontana, Deidre McVey


11:30AM to 12:30PM – Lunch B70 St. Albert’s (subs, chips, drinks)


12:30PM to 1:45PM

DAC 207: Exploring Activism as Pedagogical Support of Student Identity in the Writing /

English Classroom

Raquel Corona, Tara Scarola, Peggy Davis Suzuki,


DAC 310: Popular Culture and Dystopian Literature

Stephanie Weaver, Alexa Dicken, Peter McKenna, Patrick Zwosta


1:45PM to 3:00PM

DAC 207: “A Precious Stone Set in the Silver Sea”: Responses to the Anthropocene in the

Literature of the British Empire

Steven Mentz, Scott Koski, Stephanie Weaver, Lisa Robinson

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