4/21 Christopher Hellstrom’s Talk at SJU: “Alt-Ac Careers for the Humanities Major”

Thursday, April 21, 5:30-6:30 pm

Room 328 in Marillac Hall, Queens Campus

Christopher Hellstrom’s Talk at SJU: “Alt-Ac Careers for the Humanities Major”

Dr. Hellstrom will give a talk on alternative academic careers (Alt-Ac) for the humanities major.  He will emphasize his experience as a grant writer, and how working for Oxford University Press was a way to channel his academic interests into a career.

He recommends that current undergraduate and graduate students in the humanities take a class or workshop in grant writing, and gain experience with that skill, which he says is always in demand with employers.  And he hopes that his success will be a helpful example to other humanities students who are considering alternative academic careers.

“Alum Connects Passion for Humanities with Community Arts Projects”

Article on Christopher Hellstrom by Molly Mann,

PhD Student in English at St. John’s University, and

Assistant Dean for the Graduate Division of St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“Amid ongoing public conversations about the value of doctoral degrees in the humanities to fields outside academia, Christopher Hellstrom, ’15D.A.,  is living proof that, with an open mind and some professional savvy, a doctoral degree in English is a path to a fulfilling career beyond the tenure track.” 

“Christopher’s success is living proof that humanities graduates really do make a difference—not just in the classroom but in every sector of our economy. As leader of Staten Island Arts, he’s the perfect person to make sure that the humanities make a difference as well.” –Dr. Robert Fanuzzi

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Dr. Christopher Hellstrom earned his Doctor of Arts degree in English from St. John’s University in 2015.  He was recently appointed Executive Director of Staten Island Arts.  Previously, he worked as a staff writer for former Mayor Rudolph Giulani and as the New York State Publishers’ representative for Oxford University Press, and served on the board of the Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre.   




Flyer for Christopher Hellstrom%27s Talk at SJU%2c Eng Dept Speaker Series

Christopher Hellstrom’s Talk%2c Alt-Ac Careers for the Humanities Major

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