Amity Nathaniel


Amity Nathaniel

B.A. in English from Ashford University

M.A. in English from La Salle University

PhD Candidate, St. John’s University



Amity is a doctoral candidate in the Department of English at St. John’s University’s Queens campus in New York. Her primary research interests include Black feminism and gender studies, post-colonialism in the Black diaspora, and Caribbean literariness. For her dissertation, Amity is building an argument for the utility and embracement of monstrosity as a tool of liberation for Black women by exploring the tension between invisibility and hyper-visibility, racialized landscapes and geographies, and the possibilities of Black post-humanism. Her other interests include the atemporality of the Black body, the dysfunction of the Black body in colonized/white-washed spaces, and the misappropriation of Black women in popular culture. Amity’s recent publication about the elimination and erasure of Black women’s sexual trauma in the Hollywood version of the #MeToo Movement appears in South Central Review, the official journal of the South Central Modern Language Association.

Amity’s other interests including creative writing, blogging, and social justice issues. She is a strong proponent of intersectionality and teaches introductory English courses at St. John’s University and CUNY’s City Tech about race, sex, gender, class, and ableism