Andrew Schlosser

B.A., English, St. Joseph’s University

M.A., English, Long Island University

Andrew Schlosser is a Graduate Assistant and PhD Candidate at St. John’s University. In 2020, he received his M.A. in English from Long Island University. His thesis, for which he received the University’s award for outstanding accomplishment in American Studies, was on connecting canonical American Literature to video games, specifically Red Dead Redemption II. Now, Andrew works as a reviewer and co-editor for St. John’s University’s Humanities Review, an adjunct professor for Long Island University, as well as a writing assistant for the University’s Writing Center. Professionally, his interests include Game Studies and the ways in which games can be used in writing classrooms to teach genre, rhetoric, and literacy. He is also interested in American literature, rhetoric and composition, literacy studies, digital rhetorics and literacies, cultural studies, and writing pedagogy.