Danielle M. Bacigalupo



Danielle M. Bacigalupo

B.A. in English, St. John’s University

M.S. Ed. in Secondary Education English, CUNY College of Staten Island

M.A. in English, CUNY College of Staten Island

Ph.D. Candidate (ABD), English, St. John’s University




Research & Pedagogical Interests: rhet/comp, med rhetoric, literacy studies, community literacy, activist ethnography, recovery literacies, digital rhetoric, feminist rhetoric, qualitative research,  medrhetoric, disabilities studies, activist pedagogy, ethnography, storytelling, writing studies, cultural studies, self and identity, memoir writing, non-fiction essay writing, digital humanities, literature in a global context, socially-just pedagogy, dystopian literature

Danielle M. Bacigalupo is a Ph.D. candidate at St. John’s University, ABD status (currently dissertating). As a doctoral fellow, Danielle has taught Literature in a Global Context to undergraduates and has also served as a photographer/graduate editor of the English Department blog.

At this time, Danielle is a traveling adjunct instructor for the FYW Program for the English Department at CUNY CSI, for Literature in a Global Context at both the Queens and Staten Island campuses of SJU, for English Composition at BMCC, and for “Dark Stories”/YA Lit and Composition at NJCU.

As part of her dissertation in progress, Danielle believes in developing research on community literacy projects that “do work” to create change and raise awareness for stigmatized and marginalized voices. In May of 2018, Danielle founded “Voices from Rock Bottom”, a live-stream community digital storytelling project on alcoholism, addiction, and recovery with MakerParkRadio.nyc , This digital storytelling project is filmed in a feminist maker space on Staten Island, and continues to serve as a safe space where alcoholics, addicts, and other community members co-create inclusive stories of recovery. VFRB is Danielle’s way to give back to the community by doing activism, as she is a person in recovery herself. For more information on the digital storytelling dissertation project, please check out Danielle’s blog www.voicesfromrockbottom.com.

For fun, Danielle has made her way back to the stage … as the Stage Manager for Hemlock Theatre Co.’s 2018 production of “American Idiot”,  the Social Media Coordinator for SeaView Playwrights Theatre’s 2019 production of “Tommy”, the Stage Manager and Lighting/Sound Engineer for Staten Island Shakespearean Theatre’s 2019 Summer Repertory of “Much Ado”/”Antigone”, the Stage Manager for SeaView Playwrights Theatre’s 2019 production of “RENT”, and Danielle will be directing Gary Lennon’s play “Blackout” at SeaView Playwrights Theatre at the end of 2020. Additionally, Danielle continues to serve the Staten Island theatre community as a board member for Hemlock Theatre Co.

Contact: DJProfB (Twitter/Instagram)

E-mail: bacigald@stjohns.edu