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“… New Ph.D. Program(s) Announced”

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Moving toward an academic model that focuses on both pedagogy and intensive research, St. John’s University is launching two new doctoral programs within St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences—the Ph.D. in English and the Ph.D. in World History.

“The approval of these new Ph.D. programs by the New York State Education Department (NYSED) provides strong external recognition of the excellent work of our faculty,” said Robert Mangione, Ed.D., R.Ph., Provost. “The focus on rigorous research and scholarship, and the contemporary application of knowledge that characterizes these two new doctoral programs, will distinguish our graduates among their peers.”

In transitioning the two programs, which had been previously offered as Doctor of Arts (D.A.) degrees, to Ph.D. formats, the University first had to meet with representatives from the NYSED to explain the differences and similarities between the existing and proposed programs.

“We’ve been headed in this direction for some time,” said Steven Mentz, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Graduate Studies, Department of English. “Our argument was that the English D.A. program as we had been teaching it for the last five to 10 years was the equivalent of a Ph.D. program, in the sense that we ask for independent research for a substantial dissertation and professional quality work at all levels.”

The College received official notice from the state in May that its proposal for the English Ph.D. had been approved. Current D.A. students who applied to the Ph.D. program were given full transferability of credits, comprehensive exams, and prospectus approval.

“Right now, we have approximately 70 students in the program,” said Mentz. “They are really ambitious students who want to work in English studies or pursue other interests in the humanities. We made the change in order to provide them with the best possible professional platform.”

Jeffrey W. Fagen, Ph.D., Dean, St. John’s College, echoed this sentiment. “Both programs aim to graduate scholars and teachers who are equipped to join the faculties of both research-intensive and teaching-intensive colleges and universities,” he said. “Graduates of the programs will also be well-prepared to secure upper-level positions in industry, government, and the nonprofit sector.”


See more at: http://www.stjohns.edu/about/news/2016-03-22/two-new-phd-programs-announced#sthash.DpeAl0fh.dpuf

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