Faculty Publications in 2015

This is an incomplete list of the tremendous scholarship the English faculty publishes. This doesn’t include all of the talks, conferences, symposium, and other research work the faculty does, but I wanted to make sure we acknowledge how generative we are (and so we might read the work of our faculty!).

Please email Dr. Shante Smalls if you are faculty who published work in 2015. Our first list of people:

Dr. Rachel Hollander:  “Thinking Otherwise: Ethics and Politics in Joseph Conrad’s Under Western Eyes.” Journal of Modern Literature 38.3 (2015): 1-19.

Dr. John Lowney: “‘A New Kind of Music’: Jazz Improvisation and the Diasporic Dissonance of Paule Marshall’s The Fisher King.” MELUS 40.1 (Spring 2015): “Multi-Ethnic Poetry, Song, and Music.” 99-123.

Dr. Kathleen Lubey: “Making Pornography, 1749-1968: The History of The History of the Human
Heart.” ELH 82 (2015): 897-935.

Dr. Steve Mentz: Oceanic New York  (Punctum Books, 2015)

Shipwreck Modernity: Ecologies of Globalization, 1550 – 1719 (University of Minnesota Press, 2015)

“Airy Spirits: Winds, Bodies, and Ecological Force in Early Modern England.” The International Shakespeare Yearbook 15 (2015) 21-38. Tiffany Jo Werth, ed. Special Issue: “Shakespeare and the Human.”

“Wet Work: Writing as Encounter.” How We Write: Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blank Page. Suzanne Conklin Akbari, ed. Brooklyn: Punctum Books, 2015.

Dr. Melissa Mowry: “Commoners Wives who stand for their Freedom and Liberty”: Leveller Women and the Hermeneutics of Collectivities” Huntington Library Quarterly 77.3 (2015): 305-329.

Dr. Nicole Rice: The Civic Cycles: Artisan Drama and Identity in Premodern England (University of Notre Dame Press, 2015)

More to come!


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