Genders Journal Returns

From Dr. Melissa Mowry


After a two-year hiatus Genders has relaunched under the editorial guidance of Karen Jacobs (UC Boulder) and Judith Roof (Rice University).

From “About Us”:

Genders is an open access online journal. We seek submissions that address the pasts and possible futures of gender as an analytical tool that invariably finds expression through a labile nexus of allied categories. It invites essays that consider genders, sexual difference, and/or sexualities in the broad field of humanities criticism and theory, including the arts, literature, performance, film, music, photography, television, digital culture, popular culture, and cultural critique.

Genders welcomes all critical approaches as well as critiques of those approaches as they relate to genders, sexual difference, and sexualities.  We particularly welcome cutting-edge work that explores changes in theories, heuristics, and concepts of genders, sexual difference, and sexualities, their inter-relations, and their operations in the intersections of humanities and other critical topics and fields, including feminist and queer studies, postcolonial studies, ecology, critical race and ethnic studies, posthumanisms, globalisms, and issues of social change.

For more on the journal, follow the link below:

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