Grad Seminar on the Humanities and Public Careers

If you’re interested in exploring some possible non-traditional futures for English graduate students, I would like to  suggest Dr. Melissa Mowry’s new seminar, “Humanities, Careers, and Public Life.”  It’s listed in the catalog as Eng 885: Topics in Cultural Studies, and the CRN # is 14785.

Here’s Dr. Mowry’s description of the course:

This course considers the relationship between the various ways knowledge is produced in the humanities and the ways that knowledge contributes to public life.  It is designed to help students think about the ways advanced training in the humanities facilitates and encourages our movement as both humanists and intellectuals beyond the confines of the academy and into our communities.  We will read a wide variety of writers on this subject including Christopher Newfield, Martha Nussbaum, and Cornell West, among others, and we will undertake the process of writing and submitting at least one grant for a public humanities project on behalf a small, non-profit, organization, like a local history group. 

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