JOB: PACE University, Adjunct Instructors – “Intro to American Studies”

Dr. Sarah Blackwood, Associate Professor of English at Pace University is in search of two adjunct instructors to teach two sections “Introduction to American Studies” at Downtown Pace University (in Manhattan near City Hall), this Fall 2016.

The semester begins September 7.

One section meets T/Th 10:05-12:05; the other MW 3:30-5:30.

The course is a team-taught learning community, so instructors will be working with another professor/instructor, sharing class prep and grading.  Each instructor is paid for 3 credits, and the class is capped at 25 students. 

Adjunct Pay Scale (AMS 202 is paid at 3 credits; you also get a $300 stipend on top of the regular rate for teaching a Learning Community) Adjunct Lecturer: $850/credit=$2550

Adjunct Asst Prof: $925/credit=$2775 – (PhD + 2 yrs exp), (MA + 5 yrs exp)

If you are interested, please send a long a brief introductory message and a CV, attn to:

Sarah Blackwood, PhD

Associate Professor

Department of English

Director, American Studies Program

41 Park Row, Rm. 1503<

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