Landscapes of the Passing Strange

Check out some images from last Thursday’s Landscapes of the Passing Strange. If you were as unlucky to miss this event as I was, come see the exhibit in the Institute for Writing Studies. Many thanks to Regina Duthely for taking over as photographer for this event!
About to start with Rosamond Purcell and Michael Witmore

The images in the book, and on the IWS walls, are reflections bounced off these bottles

Rosamond Purcell in front of the “war machine”
Michael Witmore examines “Twenty Shadows”

A portrait of the collaborators
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  1. This was truly an amazing event. I had the honor and privilege of meeting Ms. Purcell and Mr. Witmore and enjoyed speaking with them. The works were amazing and as I looked at them from different angles or distances I was thrilled to see different interpretations. For example close up Twenty Shadows looked as noted however stepping back one could also imagine the famous crowd (bread) scene from Coriolanus with the masses’ arms stretched upward.
    I also commented on how beautiful Ophelia’s quote was and how amazing it was to see her rise through the mud (excuse the poor citing); when Ms. Purcell asked me to show her exactly what I meant, she was amazed and after calling Mr. Witmore over and asking me to show him what I saw, they thanked me for giving them an interpretation they had never seen before. I was very touched but even more so when Ms. Purcell commented – you must be a writer; your ability to see imagery such as that is wonderful. And after asking me if I write, and letting her know that I do but rarely share my work, she commented – Maybe it’s time you should!
    What kind words coming from someone who truly has a gift; one that we were lucky enough to share that day.

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