Ménage à Twang: Songs from the Second Wave
Fri, Sep 9 | The Graduate Center, CUNY | Segal Theatre
7:00pm – 9:00pm
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As members of the country camp trio Ménage à Twang, Jessica Del Vecchio, Emily Moore, and Elizabeth Whitney are no strangers to queer feminist anthems. Part concert, part doc theatre piece, Songs of the Second Wave looks back to the 1970s to contextualize, celebrate, and critique the “womyn’s” music of that amazing decade. The show weaves archival material with work by artists ranging from Cris Williamson to Maxine Feldman to Sweet Honey in the Rock, and rousing singalongs such as the Chicago Womyn’s Liberation Band’s anthem “Papa Don’t Lay That Shit On Me.”

CLAGS Visiting Legal Scholar: Ryan Richard Thoreson
Tues, Sept 13  |  The Graduate Center, CUNY | Room 9204
6:30pm – 8:00pm
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CLAGS’ visiting legal scholar Ryan Richard Thoreson examines the rise of appeals to various civil and human rights-particularly freedom of speech, religious liberty, the right to culture or tradition, and the right to life-as a tactic for thwarting the recognition of sexual rights in domestic and international contexts. Thoreson charts the tools international human rights law offers for mediating between competing rights claims, proposing a framework to evaluate which rights should prevail, and why.

October TBA  | ReGenerate Fundraiser
Location & time  TBA

Please join Executive Director Kevin Nadal, our Board of Directors, and honored guests to help celebrate CLAGS’ 25 years of accomplishments, and raise a glass to ensure its successful future. Funds raised will go toward addressing issues that affect LGBTQ communities through public events and direct support to LGBTQ scholars and artists

Trans Bodies, Trans Selves Panel on Trans History
Mon, Sep 19 | The Graduate Center, CUNY | C204/205
6:30pm – 8:30pm
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Contributors from the Trans Bodies,Trans Selves resource guide (Oxford University Press, 2014) Jamison Green, Andrea Jenkins, and Rusty Mae Moore are offering a panel on transgender history, moderated by editor Laura Erickson-Schroth. The collection is resource guide covering health, legal issues, cultural and social questions, history, theory and lives of trans people, and won CLAGS’ Sylvia Rivera Award in trans studies.

After Marriage Conference
Sat. & Sun. Oct 1, 2 | John Jay College, CUNY
9:00am – 6:00pm
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After the 2015 Supreme Court ruling, rainbow memes and #lovewins hashtags flooded the internet, but we also began hearing more about what activists and scholars have been saying for decades-that LGBTQ politics is about #morethanmarriage. This conference will convene an urgently needed discussion about this turning point, featuring experts in LGBTQ politics, activism, and scholarship including Lisa Duggan, David Eng, Urvashi Vaid, Paulina Helm-Hernandez, Mignon Moore, Sean Strub, Darnell Moore, and many more.

Our Queer Heritage: The National Park Service’s LGBTQ Heritage Initiative
Thu, Oct 13 | The Graduate Center, CUNY | C197
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Megan Springate is the prime consultant to the National Park Service LGBTQ Heritage Initiative, which is working to increase the representation of LGBTQ history and heritage in park service programs (including the National Register of Historic Places and National Historic Landmarks) and interpretation. Springate will present the initiative and the recently completed theme study, discuss some of the pitfalls and rewards of the process, and talk about what happens next.

Mab Segrest: ST EOM, Jayne County, and the Georgia-to-NYC-and-Back Rural Queer Avant-Garde
Wed, October 19 | The Graduate Center, CUNY | C197
6:30pm – 8:30pm

CLAGS’ 2014 Duberman Fellow traces the trajectories of two trans/queer emigres to New York City from rural Georgia whose works provide examples of an artistic rural and urban working-class avant-garde that is transregional, transgressive, and transgender. The stories of Eddie Martin (aka St EOM) creator of Passaquan and Wayne Rogers, (aka Jayne County) show the complex locations from which New York City’s emigrants help constitute the possibilities of accelerated creative synapsis within the urban.  A recreation of their rural environments contradicts regional and class stereotypes about the queer and the avant-garde.

Graphic Activism Panel: Lesbian Posters & Zines 1970-today
Thurs, Oct 27  |  The Graduate Center, CUNY | C197
6:30pm – 8:30pm

Accompanying this exhibit of original activist posters from the Lesbian Herstory Archives currently at the Graduate Center Library, this panel will discuss posters, newsletters, and zines from the largest collection of lesbian materials in the world. Beginning with the 1970s, and including contributions from the Archives’ community of coordinators, volunteers and interns, Graphic Activism spans 50 years of lesbian activism, radical archiving, and recognizes lives and issues that have historically been ignored.

Film screening – 3 to Infinity: Beyond Two Genders with Director Q&A
Wed, Nov  2 | The Graduate Center, CUNY | Segal Theatre
6:30pm – 8:30pm

In the feature documentary film by Lonny Shavelson, meet teenagers, parents, singles and couples, younger and older people who guide you into their world, where gender is not limited to male or female but is a spectrum of possibilities- agender, gender neutral, genderqueer, and more. Following the film will be a Q&A with Shavelson.

Kessler Award Lecture & Reception: Dean Spade
Fri, Dec 9 | The Graduate Center, CUNY | Elebash Hall
6:00pm – 9:30pm

The 2016 Kessler Award goes to Dean Spade, Associate Professor of Law at Seattle University and co-founder of the Sylvia Rivera Law Project. The Kessler Award is given to a scholar who has, over a number of years, produced a substantive body of work that has had a significant influence on the field of LGBTQ Studies. The awardee, who is chosen by the CLAGS Board of Directors, receives a monetary award and gives CLAGS’ annual Kessler Lecture.

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