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Hi everyone! I’m Tara Bradway, a DA student and Artistic Director of the Adirondack Shakespeare Company.  I’m so excited to be contributing to and to welcome you to this brand new English Department Blog.

This is my first semester in the DA program, and while my interests are mostly in Shakespeare and performance, I am enjoying the opportunity to dabble in some other areas, including composition theory and 19th-century literature.  Prior to arriving at St. John’s, I worked as a classical actor for several years and recently co-founded the Adirondack Shakespeare Company.  (Enjoy some photos from my acting adventures below!)

Anyhow, welcome to the blog! Don’t be shy about sending us any information or news you’d like us to post, events you want to tell us about, or really anything at all you think the folks in, of, and/or near the English Department might be interested in hearing.

Macbeth, 1st Witch – ADK 2010

Henry V, Katherine – HSF 2005

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  1. This is mostly to test the comments, but also re “1st Witch” — I heard an interesting talk in NJ last weekend suggesting that the Weird (or Weyard) Sisters aren’t witches & that in fact they represent a spirit of historical continuity and even proto-feminist solidarity. An interesting point — I certainly think the patters of three v two (the Macbeths together) v one (Macbeth & Lady M solo after act 3) — work in interesting ways. The witches / Sisters aren’t just evil spirits.

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