MLA to provide e-dossiers for job candidates

Here’s some good news for future job-seekers: starting this fall, the MLA will partner with Interfolio, a leading e-dossier service, to offer dossier- and document-delivery services to all job seekers, as well as services for department’s managing searches. Anyone who’s every tried to manage the paperwork of a job search in the pre-Interfolio era, or had to pay Interfolio to manage a dossier, will appreciate this move by the MLA.

MLA Director Rosemary Feal’s letter below the jump.

Dear Colleague,
I am pleased to announce that this fall the MLA will be expanding its services for job candidates. Working with Interfolio (a leading provider of dossier services in higher education), the MLA Job Information List will offer dossier- and document-delivery services to job seekers, as well as a job-search-management system for departments.
Job seekers who are applying for positions advertised in the JIL–both the online database and the open-access PDF–will be able to apply directly from ads by creating a personal Interfolio Dossier account at no cost (the normal charge is $19 per year). An Interfolio Dossier account allows candidates to
  • transmit electronically a customized letter of application and CV to a hiring department at no charge
  • upload a complete dossier with confidential letters of recommendation and other materials for a maximum fee of $6 per position, no matter how many additional electronic transmissions are requested for a given search
  • send, store, and manage letters of application, CVs, letters of recommendation, writing samples, and other materials securely using Interfolio Dossier
  • store customized letters of recommendation and versions of dossier materials in their Interfolio Dossier accounts for future delivery
  • manage and track the status of applications 
The Interfolio system will also streamline the process of submitting letters of recommendation. Letter writers will receive requests for letters directly from applicants’ Interfolio Dossier accounts and submit their letters to a secure, centralized dossier service. Applicants can manage letters of recommendation without viewing letter content.
Departments advertising in the JIL will be able to receive, organize, review, and evaluate applicant materials electronically; send automatic acknowledgments that materials have been received; and easily track the status of applications.
We hope that this service will prove to be a valuable benefit to job seekers and hiring departments. If you’d like to learn more, please visit the FAQ on the MLA Web site.
Rosemary Feal's signature 
Rosemary G. Feal
Executive Director
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