New poetry chapbook by PhD student Seán Griffin!

Congratulations to Seán Griffin, PhD student and Doctoral Fellow in English, on the publication of their poetry chapbook by Bottlecap Press!

There are many patterns around us. Patterns of loss, of alienation, of the body, of family. Patterns emerge in the notes of the guitar, in the calls of crows, in the fall of petals from a cherry blossom tree, in a gunshot wound, in relationships, and in behaviors. For poet and writer, Seán Griffin, these patterns transform and intersect. Loss and alienation temper experiences with the body and family. The patterns of the speaker and poet diverge from the patterns of society and find acceptance in their unique shape.

This collection of sensuous, confessional poetry immerses the reader in the experiences of the speaker from one minute moment to another, pulling taut the wider tapestry of events. Each of these poems functions like a camera lens pointed toward the situations of discomfort, dysphoria, and distress.

Patterns & other poems, by Seán Griffin

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