Next Bookmarks series: 4/22/16 – Dr. Elda Tsou’s New Book “Unquiet Tropes: Form, Race, and Asian American Literature”.


You are all welcome to attend the official pre-party for the PhD launch conference later this month.  The evening before the conference, Dr. Elda Tsou will be speaking about her new book Unquiet Tropes: Form, Race, and Asian American Literature.  Dr. Raj Chetty will be interviewing her.

The event, which is part of the English Department’s Bookmarks series, will be on Friday April 22 at 6:30pm, at the SJU Manhattan campus (101 Astor Place, room 206, flier attached).

Please come, and please spread the word!

Here’s more on Dr. Tsou’s new book:

Unquiet Tropes is a theoretically sophisticated yet beautifully, lucidly written book. Through a virtuoso performance of deconstructive reading, it provides surprisingly new and yet utterly persuasive insights into canonical Asian American texts we thought we already knew. Among Tsou’s distinctions is her unique focus on the rhetorical activity of Asian American literary works, which sets her contribution apart from other recent Asian American formalist criticism. Her emphasis on the figural complexity of Asian American literary works makes a huge contribution by showing in a sustained way the achievements of Asian American literature qua literature.”
—Colleen Lye, Associate Professor of English at the University of California, Berkeley

bookmarks flier – tsou 2016

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