Rachel Peters

Rachel Peters

B.A. in English, St. Francis College

M.A. in English with a writing concentration, Fordham University

Rachel Peters is a PhD candidate in English at St. John’s University. Her areas of interest include American literature and culture; disability studies; Jewish studies/Holocaust studies; creative writing; memoir; personal essays; health humanities; and bibliotherapy.

Her focus is on representations of grief, trauma, and illness in fiction and autobiography, and how these depictions can provide therapy as well as healing for individuals who identify with experiences they read about.

Rachel has worked as an adjunct instructor for almost ten years. After graduating from Fordham University with a MA in English, she began teaching writing and lit survey courses at Nyack College and St. Francis College. Currently she teaches freshman composition and introduction to literature at Suffolk County Community College. She has written book reviews for Editions Bibliotekos, and presented a paper on the graffiti artist, Banksy, at NEPCA. Her poem, “The Streets of my Slum” was published in the anthology From the Heart of Brooklyn.