Dr. Stephen Miller’s book about Frances Perkins, nominated for “Henry Adams Award”

Great Department News!

Dr. Stephen Miller’s recent book about Frances Perkins

has been nominated for

a Henry Adams Award.



The Society for History in the Federal Government is a national organization of historians, archivists, museum curators, documentary editors, librarians, historic preservationists, and others engaged in research, writing, and interpretation related to United States government history.  Further information on the Society’s programs and goals is available at www.SHFG.org<http://www.shfg.org/>.

Each year, to define and encourage excellence in the broad field of US government history, the Society awards two prizes for books published during the previous calendar year.

The first prize is named for the historian Henry Adams (1838-1918).  It recognizes an outstanding book on some aspect of federal government history by an author who is not employed by the government.

The second award, honoring Senator George Pendleton (1825-1889), father of the US civil service system, identifies an outstanding work by a present or former federal government historian.

Books initially published during calendar year 2016 are eligible, provided that copies for consideration reach the three members of the Society’s Adams/Pendleton Committee by December 30, 2016.  (For late-year publications, you are welcome to submit bound page proofs, followed by a finished copy.)  Prizes will be presented at the Society’s annual meeting in Washington, D.C. on April 13, 2017.

The Awards Committee is particularly interested in considering Stephen Paul Miller’s The New Deal as a Triumph of Social Work:  Frances Perkins and the Confluence of Early Twentieth Century Social Work with Mid-Twentieth Century Politics and Government for the Henry Adams Award.


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