Vol. 7.2 (Spring 2009)


Editors: John V. Nance and Christianne M. Cain    Associate Editors: Christopher Jones, Nadina Persaud, Radha A. Radkar, and Margaret Snyder    Faculty Advisors: Stephen Sicari and Granville Ganter    Cover Design: Becky McLaughlin, “Camera Obscura 0010”   Layout Christianne M. Cain

Relocating the Avant-Garde

Preface by John V. Nance

Modernism’s Mid-Life Crisis: Interpreting Modernist Writers: Macro History, Personal History, and Manuscript History Review by Stephen Pasqualina

The Saint of Disbelief: Shrike, Epistemology, and Postmodernism by Michael Diberadino

Reading Avatars and Writing Walkthroughs by Brian DeSousa

Emma Lazarus and the Aporia of Jewish Community by Samantha Cohen

Just Rocks by Derek Owens

The Student as Student by Jennifer Rich

Antigone’s Noir by Domietta Torlasco

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