Successful Graduate Student Orientation

Today, in DAC 207, English Department/IWS faculty and MA/PhD graduate students gathered together to share valuable information as we commence this new academic year.  The GOC shared flyers about upcoming events, which more information will be provided as the semester continues.  After the information session in DAC, graduate students and faculty socialized at the infamous location, Nikko’s, for food and spirits and communal festivities!

Please see some photos that were taken throughout the course of the day.


IMG_6096                     IMG_6097


IMG_6098                     IMG_6100


IMG_6101                      IMG_6102


IMG_6103                      IMG_6104


IMG_6107                     IMG_6108


IMG_6109                      IMG_6110


IMG_6114                      IMG_6117


IMG_6118                                         IMG_6119


IMG_6120                                         IMG_6122


IMG_6124                                         IMG_6126


IMG_6127                       IMG_6128


IMG_6130                       IMG_6131


IMG_6133                                           IMG_6134


IMG_6137                       IMG_6138





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