SUNY Oneonta’s New Critics VIII: Undergraduate Literature and Composition Conference

SUNY Oneonta’s New Critics VIII: Undergraduate Literature and Composition Conference

Greetings from your neighbor in the Upper Catskills. My name is Akira Yatsuhashi, and I am a member of the English and World Literature Department here at SUNY Oneonta.  If you were unaware, for the past seven years we have held an undergraduate conference right in your backyard.  It is actually my first year running to conference, so I was hoping to reach out both to those departments who are on our lists and to those departments which normally might not consider our conference.  I think this is a wonderful opportunity for your undergraduate students to give a professional paper within driving distance of your campus.

New Critics VIII is set for April 8th, and we will be accepting abstracts until March 3rd.  

I hope you can encourage your students who you think might like to present some of their research to a broader audience.  Although it is “literature”-centered conference, I, like many now, hold a very broad definition of literature, so I would welcome any submissions that are film or media-related, work on texts from perhaps genres which normally might not be considered literature (perhaps technical), works from less traditional genres (graphic novels and cartoons–by the way, if you are interested in this, please see our keynote speaker link below), or perhaps papers about non-English speaking literature (I am personally a classicist and comparativist by training).  It would be wonderful to have some panels which address some of these areas.

In the past we have had our keynote speakers, such as Jonathan Culler and Daniel Mendelsohn, and this year our keynote is Benjamin Saunders from the University of Oregon.  Dr. Saunders is a scholar who works in two fields: the literature of the English Renaissance; and the history of British and American comics and cartoons.  I think he might be of interest to many of your students as well.  Here is a link to his faculty page:

New Critics_2017_CFP poster

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