Talk: “Clarissa, By the Numbers” – Stephanie Insley Hershinow, 4/12/17

“Clarissa, By the Numbers”

Stephanie Insley Hershinow, Assistant Professor of English

Baruch College CUNY

April 12 (a Wednesday that’s reassigned as a Monday schedule)

4:30-6, B43 (seminar room)


Lovelace’s Kidnapping of Clarissa Harlowe, 1867 (oil on canvas) by Dubufe, Edouard Louis (1820-83)
oil on canvas
Hermitage, St. Petersburg, Russia
French, out of copyright


Stephanie Insley Hershinow is Assistant Professor in Baruch’s Department of English, and is currently completing a book called “Born Yesterday: Inexperience and the Early Novel.” Her work intervenes on reigning conceptions of the novel as premised on depth, development, and socialization. Portions of the project have appeared in Novel and Eighteenth-Century: Theory and Interpretation​. ​

The talk will appeal to anyone interested in the novel, adolescence, gender, quantitative approaches to literary theory, and/or eighteenth/nineteenth century literature.

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