The Arrow Journal Call For Submissions

Call for Submissions
The Arrow: A Journal Of Wakeful Society, Culture & Politics
2017 Special Issue

We find ourselves in an urgent and challenging moment as a society in the pursuits of justice, equality, and environmental wellbeing. The Arrow—a journal that explores the relationship between contemplative practice, politics, and activism—is seeking submissions on diverse topics that speak to pressing issues of our time. We invite thoughtful writing that blends intellectual rigor with contemplative wisdom, experiential grounding, and accessibility to a broad audience. We welcome submissions from activists, practitioners, and scholars that engage and advance a broadly inclusive public conversation on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • Mindfulness, spirituality, and #MeToo
  • Interpretations of feminism and #MeToo
  • Restorative and transformative justice in addressing violence against women and LGBTQ+ communities
  • Gender and Buddhism
  • Diversity, racism, whiteness, and spirituality
  • Using Buddhist and contemplative practices to address racism in North American, European, and global contexts
  • Economics, capitalism, and Western Buddhism
  • Buddhist and spiritual approaches to environmentalism
  • Buddhism and power
  • Cultivating healthy, empowering relationships in situations of power asymmetry
  • Cultural translation of Vajrayana Buddhism in the West
  • Democracy, Buddhism, and Vajrayana
  • Orientalist fantasies of Tibet, Vajrayana, and Buddhism
  • Liberal notions of justice versus Buddhist ethics
  • Dharma and social justice
  • Justice and ethics in Vajrayana Buddhism and the Shambhala tradition
  • Balancing feminine and masculine principles in social action and societal trauma
  • Explaining, questioning, and critiquing the ongoing usefulness of gendered principles in
    contemplative wisdom traditions in light of contemporary issues of gendered harm in spiritual

In all of these topics we encourage an awareness of the multilayered ways in which race, gender, class, and other dimensions of social identity and oppression intersect. Please read our Submission Guidelines prior to submitting manuscripts. Submissions may be emailed as Microsoft Word Documents to

The Arrow explores the relationship between contemplative practice, politics, and activism. We investigate topics in politics, economics, ecology, conflict transformation, and the social sciences. Inspired by thevision of meditation master Chögyam Trungpa for a “union of social life and spiritual wakefulness” in society, The Arrow provides a critical and much needed space for investigating the meeting point of contemplative wisdom and pressing issues of climate change, racism, inequality, and conflict.

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