UConn Conference on the Teaching of Writing, March 25, 2016

The University of Connecticut First‐Year Writing Program’s
Eleventh Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing
Co‐sponsored by the Aetna Chair of Writing and the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute
Public Subjects and the Digital Realm
Friday, March 25, 2016 at the University of Connecticut, Storrs
Keynote Speaker: Alexander Reid, University at Buffalo
“Composing with Deliberate Speed: Writing Future Digital Publics”

UConn’s 11th Annual Conference on the Teaching of Writing will consider how digital environments influence and enable the act of composition in both academic and public contexts. We invite proposals for individual presentations, panels, or roundtables that engage with some element of the public, academic, and digital nexus, taking into account how writing is always a product of the negotiation of individual agency, social context, and digital media. We invite, too, proposals that consider aspects of writing pedagogy and publics that do not engage the digital realm, knowing that productive conversations will arise as much from contrast and difference as from proximity and confluence. Our keynote speaker, Alexander Reid, Director of Composition and Teaching Fellows at University at Buffalo, will discuss the ways that digital technologies shape our agency as writers and the need for the development of a new rhetoric that recognizes our rhetorical situation in the digital age.

We invite proposals that consider questions such as these:
•How do students work in, with, and against their writing environments, digital or otherwise?
•What is the relationship between public and academic discourse? How might the teaching of writing speak to this relationship?
•Is composition pedagogy designed to serve the democratic imperative of deliberative discourse? Should it be?
•How do digital public spaces shape our students’ rhetorical awareness?
•What does it mean to make student work public—and why, or to what extent, would we want to do this?
•How might digital tools and spaces serve collaborative student projects in composition courses?
•How do we negotiate different teaching models rooted in networked or in-person spaces?
Possible topics might include (but are not limited to) the following:
Writing for digital publics
Digital rhetorics
Social justice
Service learning & writing
Writing democracy
Social media

Classroom dynamics
Teacher immediacy
Learning from student Writing
Pedagogy in online environments

Writing program administration
Writing centers
Writing in the disciplines
Writing outside of FYW/FYC
High school and college partnerships

Composing with digital tools
Mediation & remediation
Creative writing
Writers’ agency & subjectivity
Posthuman agency
Bots and machine reading/writing

We seek proposals of 250-300 words for individual presentations, panels, and/or roundtables (full panels and roundtables are either 60 or 75 minutes; individual presentations should run 15 minutes). We ask that you please submit only one proposal.
Deadline for submissions: Sunday, January 31, 2016

Eligibility: All teachers of writing, regardless of discipline, institution, campus or level of teaching experience may submit proposals. Undergraduate and graduate students are also encouraged to apply.
Registration Details
•      Full details and registration form available at http://fyw.uconn.edu/conference/
•      $25 registration fee if check (payable to University of Connecticut) postmarked by 3/20
•      $30 on‐site registration fee
•      Free registration for UConn faculty and all students (including graduate students)


UConn Teaching of Writing CFP 2016

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