UDAF Application


For anyone interested in a UDAF …

Part-time coursework and full-time work experience!

Please find the UDAF Application for the Spring 2016 semester, below.

This is ONLY for students who have completed coursework and oral comprehensive exams, and have not yet taken 2 semesters of the Eng. 975 seminar.

Please return applications to Lana Umali, the English Department secretary, by Monday, November 2, 2015 – umalil@stjohns.edu .



St. John’s University
New York

Graduate Arts & Sciences

St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

University of Doctor of Arts Fellowship

The University Doctor of Arts Fellowship support is authorized to recruit new students who will enroll part-time in the Doctor of Arts programs in English or Modern World History and work full-time. The sole criterion for such support is academic merit. The amount of the award is total remission of tuition and fees for a maximum of six (6) graduate credits each academic semester. No stipend is awarded. No service is required. The recipient may be considered for the renewal of this University of Doctor of Arts Fellowship.

Department of English

Number of credits (anticipated) enrolled in: _______ Spring 2016
Number of Credits _________ Accumulated as of Fall 2015

Please Print or Type:

Name ________________________________________________

Address (for all correspondence)

Telephone ( ) __________________________  (H)
( ) __________________________ (B)
( ) __________________________ (Mobile)

E-Mail Address _____________________________________

STJ ID Number __X__________________________________

GPA ____________________________

Number of Credits Completed __________ INC Grades ________


Identify the dates of any previous scholarships or fellowships awarded (include UDAF awards):

Starting with the present and working back, identify all professional experience(s) and current full-time position:



New procedure: All applications should be forwarded to Dr. Sicari, Chair, St. John Hall, Room B-15, prior to Monday, November 2, 2015.

Director’s Recommendation:

Chairperson’s Recommendation:

Number of English Graduate Credits Awarded Spring 2016___________________________________


Chair’s Signature​Date


To be completed by the Graduate Division:

General UG GPA ___________________________
Major UG GPA ____________________________
Graduate Index in English _____________

Dean’s Signature​Dateimage

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