Writer’s House Intern Program: Spring ’19

A great internship possibility for St John’s students! Two of our recent graduates have gone from this internship program into careers in publishing.


1. The start date of the Writers House Intern Program /Autumn ’18 is either Monday, February 4 or Monday, February 11. Regardless, that first Monday is ORIENTATION DAY and it is
2. The end date of the Writers House Intern Program /Autumn ’18 is either Friday, May 24 or
Friday, May 31.
3. The program is 16-weeks.
4. It is not unusual for even high-quality candidates to have to apply several times before receiving admittance, since the applicant pool can be as high as 2,000 for the approximately 16-available slots.
5. Applicants who advance to the interview rounds are required to review at least 1-manuscript and compose a reader’s report. It isn’t unusual for applicants to review 2 or 3 different manuscripts and compose as many reader’s reports.
6. Interns are accepted with the mutual understanding they are committing at least 8-weeks to the program and won’t actively seek full-time employment (in publishing) during those 8-weeks. Interns may put Writers House on their resume and begin seeking work in publishing starting Week 9 of the program.
7. All interns are required to work 24 hours a week (No more, no less).
8. All interns work between the hours of 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
9. All interns do shifts in Accounting/Contracts and the Front Desk.
10. All interns participate in the weekly Intern Meetings where they learn both the editorial process (from the purview of an agency) and how to effectively search-out and apply for publishing jobs. The Intern Meetings are on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 4-6pm. Intern Meetings are mandatory for all interns.
11. Interns also receive Tutorials on a variety of publishing-specific skillsets and subjects. These
Tutorials are facilitated over by senior agents, junior agents, assistants, and senior staff. The
topics often include: “The Life of a Royalty Check,” “Comparing Contracts,” and “How to be An
Assistant.” All Tutorials are mandatory.
12. In the Evening Seminars, former interns return to discuss their careers across a wide-range of occupations including agenting, editorial, publicity, marketing, scouting, and subsidiary rights.
13. One-on-One sessions are regularly scheduled to make certain the intern is progressing.
14. There is a $200 per month stipend.

How to submit:
If you haven’t already, please submit a cover letter and resume to Michael Mejias at
mmejias@writershouse.com. Or, call Michael Mejias at 212-685-2400 x150.

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