SJC Student Conference Travel Reimbursement Policy

St. John’s College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
Student Travel Reimbursement Policy


Student Travel Reimbursement
Eligible students in St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences may receive up to $500
reimbursement for travel expenses incurred while presenting at an approved conference or seminar.
You may only receive reimbursement for one trip per academic year (September 1 through August
31), and you must submit all receipts, along with proof of presentation, within 30 days of travel.
The pre-approval process will take a minimum of two weeks prior to travel, so please plan accordingly.To qualify for reimbursement, you must use the current year’s Travel Request& Expense
Reimbursement Form (T&E), as well as adhere to the policies and procedures outlined below. If you
do not follow procedure, your reimbursement will be delayed.

Students must submit a Pre-Approval Travel Form to the Associate Dean Laura Schramm, PhD.

Proof of presentation, copies of all receipts, and itemization must be turned it at the completion of travel in order to begin reimbursement processing.

Please find the requisite forms below, with provided additional information.

SJC Student Travel Policy 2017 & Travel and Reimbursement Form 2017