The English Major and Minor in English and Writing

The English Department has redesigned its requirements for the majors and minors.  Please consult Degree Works for confirmation. (Note: As of Fall 2021, some seniors are still proceeding with the old Divisional Structures. Your DegreeWorks page should be able to help you, and of course all the English faculty remember the old system too.)


The major in English is a 36-credit program. 

Revised Major Requirements (for first-year and sophomore students in 2020-2021):

– Core Courses  (9 credits)

  • English 1100C: Literature in a Global Context
  • English 2200: Introduction to English Studies
  • English 2300: Topics in Theory

– Courses Prior to 1900  (9 credits)

  • Select any 3 courses. Courses that qualify are indicated on the course description flier as Pre-1900

 – Additional Electives to be drawn from any SJC English courses (15 credits)

 – Senior Capstone  (3 credits)    

Total credits in the English major:                                                                   36 credits


Please note: the credit requirements for the English and Writing Minors has changed from 18 credits to 15 credits for first year and sophomore students:


Minor in English:  15 credits

Students wishing to minor in English must 15 credits in English.  1100c may count toward the total number of credits.


Minor in Writing: 15 credits

Students who minor in writing must take the following courses:

*  4 writing courses

*  Any additional course in the SJC English Department. 1100c may count toward the total number of credits.


Note: English majors who minor in writing must take 4 writing courses plus 1 additional English literature course (15 credits in all) in addition to their major coursework.