Antonio Fontana

B.A. in Political Science and History, CUNY Brooklyn College, 2010

M.A in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Modern Intellectual History, CUNY Graduate Center, 2012


Antonio is originally from Brooklyn and started the program in the fall of 2016. He is particularly interested in 19th and 20th century German Romantic and English Victorian literature. Specifically, he is interested in the aestheticisation of political violence and political terror in Germany and Europe during WWII, and processes of political, social, and cultural dehumanization and their relation to aesthetics, aesthetic theory, and art. He is also interested in post-colonial theory and critical race theory, as well as neo-and post-Marxian analyses of literature and art. He is also a Graduate Assistant.

He is addicted to coffee, reading, writing, and watching re-runs of Smallville, and is a huge animal lover. He is also a fan of classical music and opera, and his favorite composers are Beethoven, Brahms, and Wagner. When not constantly thinking about schoolwork, he enjoys listening to Rachmaninov and Chopin at full blast on the stereo.

Antonio will also be presenting a paper in late May at the Keats Foundation Conference at the Keats House, in London, as well as presenting at a roundtable discussion on cultural mobilities in around the Mediterranean at the MLA in January of 2018.