Emanuela Balliu


Emanuela Balliu

BA in English Literature, St. Francis College

First year M.A. candidate




Before graduating from St. Francis College, Emanuela was accepted into the International English Honors Society in the Fall of ‘17.

Emanuela has an interest in Modernist and Postmodernist literature as well as Poetry and Feminist literature. She has always dedicated her work to giving a voice to writers, poets and novelists whose literature has gone overlooked and overshadowed due to the sexism and racism of their time and modern day America. She wants to pursue a career in higher education and combat the evil veil of injustice over great American literature.

Emanuela has a passion for learning and education and truly believes that if education were stressed more it would be a better place. As a first year M.A. student she hopes to explore the best and most effective methods of teaching undergraduate students and looks forward to find what would need to be prioritized to move education away from colonialism and into a better place. A place where bad history doesn’t exist.