Grant Crawford


Grant Crawford


B.A. English Literature, Pace University

M.A. English, Brooklyn College, CUNY

Ph.D. Candidate, English, St. John’s University





Grant is currently a PhD candidate at St. John’s University and an adjunct professor at several higher education institutions throughout New York City. His research is grounded in the digital humanities, with a particular interest in the development and relationship between new media and storytelling, as well as using audio technology as a tool to develop rhetorical efficiency. Other areas of research include travel writing, postcolonial theory, memory theory and narrative theory. His MA thesis, “Existential Travelers: The Imagination and Death Of The Backpacker,” outlined the history of escapism in relation to Western travellers and the commodification of these ongoing desires.

Outside of higher education, Grant is the founder of Sound Pollination, a new media production company and podcast house. He is also a musician, and you can find his music on Spotify!