Justin Lerner


Justin Lerner

A.A. in Liberal Arts/General Studies, Suffolk County Community College

B.A. in English, Stony Brook University

M.A. in English, St. John’s University

Ph.D. Candidate, St. John’s University


Justin Lerner is a Ph.D. Candidate at St. John’s University. His main research interests are early modern metaphysical poets, religion in literature, and pedagogy/student engagement and inclusion. He served as editor of the St. John’s University Humanities Review for the Winter 2020 issue that focuses on pedagogical approaches to promoting thought, discussion, and engagement on social issues in today’s classroom, highlighting how to center student voices and create meaningful learning experiences. 

Justin has held numerous positions in higher education, working with students of diverse needs, interests, backgrounds, and majors. He currently teaches classes in literature, writing, and speech at St. John’s University. Further experiences include tutoring for Stony Brook University’s Writing Center, Suffolk County Community College’s Student Support Services, and Suffolk County Community College’s Writing Center.