Justin Lerner


Justin Lerner

A.A. in Liberal Arts/General Studies, Suffolk County Community College

B.A. in English, Stony Brook University




Justin Lerner is a PhD student and Doctoral Fellow at St. John’s University.

Justin’s literary interests were born during his time at Suffolk County Community College and
continued when he transferred to Stony Brook University. His interests found focus in the
English Renaissance period. He completed his senior honors thesis on elements of spiritual
growth and chronology in George Herbert’s “Affliction” series, emphasizing Biblical parallels
that clarify the spiritual struggles of the speaker. Though his research interests are still
developing, he is intent on analyzing personal interaction with the divine during spiritual growth,
community relations, and public portrayal in literature of the religious renaissance poets.

Justin has held numerous positions in higher education. His experience includes tutoring for
Stony Brook University’s Writing Center, Suffolk County Community College’s Student Support
Services, and Suffolk County Community College’s Writing Center. Justin has worked with
students of diverse needs, interests, background, and majors, and is eager to continue offering his
services to the students of St. John’s University.