Justin Lerner


Justin Lerner

A.A. in Liberal Arts/General Studies, Suffolk County Community College

B.A. in English, Stony Brook University

M.A. in English, St. John’s University

Ph.D. Candidate, St. John’s University


Justin Lerner is a Ph.D. student and Doctoral Fellow at St. John’s University. His main research interest is the intersection of pedagogy and effective student engagement, primarily studying how modern/contemporary poetry and musical lyricism (song lyrics) function as pedagogical tools to incite within students a desire for social change and engagement. He is also interested in how music functions in literature as reflections of cultural, social, and historical issues. Secondary research interests include Early Modern religious poetry and how interactions with, and perceptions of, the Divine are portrayed. He is editor of the St. John’s University Humanities Review for the Spring 2020 issue that focuses on pedagogical approaches to promoting thought, discussion, and engagement on social issues in today’s classroom.

Justin has held numerous positions in higher education. His experience includes tutoring for Stony Brook University’s Writing Center, Suffolk County Community College’s Student Support Services, and Suffolk County Community College’s Writing Center. Justin has worked with students of diverse needs, interests, background, and majors, and is eager to continue offering his services to the students of St. John’s University as an Adjunct Professor of English.