Laura Bellacicco Cocchiarella

IMG_8900Laura Bellacicco Cocchiarella is taking a first English non matriculated class with Dr. Shante Paradigm Smalls in Black Performance and Aesthetics in the Spring, 2016 semester. She aspires to become an English professor and write and publish books.

Laura graduated from St. John’s with a BS in Management, MBA with a concentration in International Marketing and did post graduate work in Human Resources Management at Adelphi University. Laura is an Administrator at St. John’s University and works as an Advisor in the International Student and Scholar Services Office.

She is interested in exploring codependency issues as discussed in books by Melody Beattie and other self help themes as it applies to the humanities and includes the experiences of gender, race and class. She would like to bridge connections between the emotional repressions of certain groups due to either conscious or subconscious insecurities and the real world.

While taking this first class may seem like a small step, it is paving the gateway toward the freedom to express a latent desire to share her personal journey and invite others to the table of safe independence.