Rebecca C. Trumino

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Rebecca C. Trumino

B.A. in English with a minor in Creative Writing, St. John’s University

M.A. in English, St. John’s University


Rebecca is a PhD student at St. John’s University. She earned her Master’s degree in 2006 and took a ten year hiatus from her life as a student. After getting married and doing some traveling, she was hired as an adjunct instructor in the College of Professional Studies in 2012 and currently teaches one section of English 1100C: Literature in a Global Context while still working full time as an accounting assistant.

During her time as an adjunct at SJU, she presented three papers with the Mid Atlantic Popular and American Culture Association. The first paper from 2013 was co-written with two other professors at St. John’s University and was called, “The Music of Baseball: Songs of the National Pastime.” It was about rock music as it relates to baseball. The second paper from 2014 was written solely by Rebecca and discussed television programs mimicking the government and bailing out small businesses. It was called, “Televised Bailouts: A Look at How Government Influences Reality Television.” The last paper, written in 2015, also written on her own, was on women in sports and stigma called, “Sexuality and Softball.”

While Rebecca has a clear interest in music, television, and sports, her literary interests lie in that of the untrustworthy narrator and the use of failing mental health as a literary and narrative device. Rebecca considers herself an English major with an asterisk because she was raised by two deeply committed social scientists who were furious when she registered for and successfully passed the CLEP exam for Intro Sociology. She likes to think her love of literature stems from her parents and their strong humanistic orientation to understanding the varieties of human experience.