Roshny Maria Roy

Being a graduate assistant at the Writing Center has given Roshny opportunities to think, read, and engage in conversations about translanguaging and code-meshing. As someone who grew up being very much aware of the ‘Englishes’ around her, she identifies as a multilingual who believes in creating a space that is racially and linguistically just. It was in New York that she started pinning terms to the many writing and speaking strategies that she had been using as a multilingual speaker/writer. During her time as a Writing Tutor at her undergrad, she realized how many non-native English speakers and writers struggle academically and emotionally with the norms of Standard English. This pushed her to dig deeper into how our multilinguality informs our English. Since then, she has attended conferences and engaged in projects that look to enact racial and linguistic justice. 

Her writing philosophy, in aligning with the same, is to always remind herself and others of the individuality in writing by being aware of the various Englishes that exist. Her interests, while focused, are also transferable depending on the setting that she is in. Aside from writing academically, she loves to write poetry and takes any chance she gets to intersect the two. When she is back home, she takes up internships that give her the space to engage with students, faculty, and administration.