For anyone heading to Philadelphia this weekend for #mla17, here’s a list of SJU-connected panels and presentations. Let us know if we’ve missed anyone!

Graduate Students:

Laura Lisabeth, speaker, #s651, “When William Strunk Was a Philologist, He Thought of Grammar as a Folder” Sat 5:15 pm, Marriott 404


Raj Chetty, presider, #s747, “Caribbean Specters in 1920s Harlem” Sun 12 pm PCC 112A

Anne Geller, speaker, #s346, “Millions of Dollars Might Get You into the MLA” Fri 3:30 pm PCC 203B

Kathleen Lubey, presider, #s443, “Anti-marriage Plots in the Eighteenth Century” Sat 8:30 am PCC 110A

Steve Mentz, speaker & presider, #s598, “Radical Hope and Early Modern Ecologies” Sat 3:30 pm, PCC 112B

Nicole Rice, speaker, #s272, “Cycle Play Revivals: Artisan Drama without Artisans?” Fri noon, Marriott 406

Jennifer Travis, speaker, #s407, “Crash Lit: Collective Precariousness and the American Imagination” Fri 5:15 pm, PCC 104B

Jennifer Travis, presider, #s717, “Digital Pedagogy and Nineteenth-Century American Literature,” Sun 10:15 am, PCC 106B

…and introducing the newest member of our department faculty (though in the program underĀ U Kentucky),

Steven Alvarez, speaker, #s491, “Taco Literacies” Sat 10:15 am, Marriott 303

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