Sonia Adams



Sonia Adams

B.A., Multicultural Literature, City University of New York

M.A., English Literature, Queens College, CUNY

M.F.A., Creative Writing, Queens College, CUNY

Ph.D. Candidate, English, St. John’s University



Research Interests: Global Literature, American Multicultural Literature, Women’s Studies,
Ethnic Studies, Contemporary Avant Garde Poetry and Poetics, Humanities Instructional Design
and Curricular Development, Composition Studies, English Studies Pedagogies and Research

Sonia was born and raised in New York City. She is currently enrolled in the English PhD
program at St. John’s University. As a World Literature Fellow, Sonia co-facilitated professional
development workshops for faculty members of the Global Literature program, developed and
maintained the ENG 1100C website, and prepared curriculum resources for program initiatives
and English department programming events.

Sonia is currently preparing for the doctoral qualifying exam and looks forward to embarking on
her dissertation and teaching.